Hometown Federal Credit Union

Fraud Warning

Fraudulent Check Being Sent Out

It has come to our attention that fraudulent Hometown cashier checks have been getting sent to area residents.  These checks are typically being sent via FedEx or UPS to make them seem more legitimate.  THEY ARE NOT LEGITIMATE CHECKS.

This is a typical nationwide SCAM where counterfeit financial institution cashier checks are used to send to small businesses and individuals to pay for services that they may have requested.  The recipient is sent a check like this that is typically more than what the services cost then the scammer tells the person to deposit the check and use a service like venmo, cashapp, or zelle  to refund them the difference or to give to a carrier. I fyou attempt to cash or deposit these checks they will be returned as unpaid.

Please BEWARE of potential SCAMS like this and always call the Credit Union if you receive something like this for verification BEFORE trying to cash it.

Fraudulent Check
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