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Notice: It appears there are scammers calling our members using our phone number.  They are saying your debit card is hacked and asking for account information.  

These calls ARE NOT coming from Hometown.  Our system is secure, but they are “spoofing” us by using our phone number and/or name on another phone number to get your information.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL OR ACCOUNT INFORMATION IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL!  Your card and account are safe as long as you don’t give them any information.  Thank you!

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To View your old transactions ONLY.

Notice: Hometown Credit Union takes great care to guard your Visa branded  Debit and Credit card information, but there still are times when your card number may be stolen. It may be at a merchant, a website you ordered from, or from a database breach.

Most card fraud occurs, not by stealing the card, but just the number. Thieves are now making cards with stolen information and using that card at self-serve locations that do not require ID verification. For this reason, we have a fraud monitoring service for both our Debit and Credit cards. Falcon, (our fraud monitoring service) will call to see if you are the  person performing the transaction triggered by a score assigned by a series of questions and also based on your normal activity.

We want to keep you and your card safe, so please keep us informed as to the best number to reach you at, both at home and during the day. A cell number is best, that way the call comes to you and they can status your card immediately if there is a problem. We also suggest keeping your card numbers somewhere safe in case you need report them stolen.

Please call the numbers below if you have a lost or stolen card. They will only be able to block your card, you will still need to contact the Credit Union to cancel your card and get a new one ordered. If you have any questions, please call Hometown at 765-472-7600.

Credit Card Lost and Stolen number is 800-543-5073,  Customer Service: 800-299-9842
Debit/Check card Lost & Stolen: 800-523-4175,   Customer Service: 800-327-8622 and  800-622-1361

For ADA Accessibility services call the credit union directly at: 765-472-7600 or Toll Free: 800-850-6775.

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