Hometown Federal Credit Union

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking App

When using your Mobile device or tablet, you must use the Mobile Banking App.

Available from the iTunes store, search for PT App or Perfect Teller. For Android devices, search Google Play store for PT App or Perfect Teller. The CUID or code to use is 6162161621.

You will then verify information on your account and hit the store key button to avoid entering it every time. Now you can check you balance and transactions from anywhere (Data charges may apply)

Mobile Banking via Mobile Web

If you are using a Blackberry or other kind of smartphone, you can still access PT Mobile via mobile website with these steps:
Go to the following URL on your phone:  m.pt4web.com/61621     (Do not use www)

This creates a secure connection before you enter your account number and password

To validate your phone as a device allowed to access your accounts, enter your:  birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy), ZIP Code, last four digits of  your Social Security Number, and the Perfect Teller PIN that is assigned to your account.  This information must match the information for the primary member on the account.

Once validated, you will be able to access your accounts.  Enjoy your mobility with Hometown Federal Credit Union!

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